At Our Dance Studio we offer all types of dance instruction: Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Wedding Dance Instruction, Instruction at special functions and events.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are the fastest way to make progress with your dancing. In Private Lessons the focus is on you. Your dance program will be designed to give you the most instruction on those dances that you enjoy. Private Lessons may be taken with or without a partner.

Group Lessons
Group Lessons are an economical way to learn to dance. You also get the added benefit of meeting new people and an opportunity to dance with different partners.

Wedding Dance
If you are planning your Wedding, it is never too early to think about dance lessons for the bride and bride groom, or even the whole wedding party! We can help you prepare for your wedding dance. Services range from basic dance instruction, to helping select music and choreograph your first dance.
Please call us at 517.622.8588 or send us an email for more details.

Private Events
If you are planning a private function, have you ever considered having professional dance instruction? Or a showcase presentation? Your event, whether it is a birthday party, anniversary party or a public event, can be the perfect opportunity to add the energy and excitement that dancing can provide.
Please call us at 517.622.8588 or send us an email for more details.

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