Dancing Makes You Feel Good
When you hear good music, it moves you. Doesn’t it? When you hear a song with a good beat, you want to move. You want to dance. It’s natural. Whether you’re dancing when nobody’s watching or you’re dancing in public, it revitalizes you. On a recent TV show, Ellen Degeneres commented that you cannot dance and be in a bad mood at the same time. Dancing just lifts your spirits. It energizes your life and helps put a smile on your face.

Dancing Relieves Stress
Many of our students say that dancing is a great stress reliever. When they start dancing, all their work day worries just fade away. They are now enjoying the music and the friendly interactions among fellow students. This, combined with moving your body, helps the body and the mind relax.

Dancing Keeps You Fit
The Mayo Clinic recently published that dancing can burn as many calories as walking or swimming or riding a bicycle. They said that you can expect to burn 200 to 400 calories during a half-hour of dancing. Besides burning calories, dancing regularly can help improve your cardiovascular health. It can help lower your heart rate, lower blood pressure and improve your cholesterol profile. Dancing can also help strengthen your weight-bearing bones. And because dancing is social, you’re more likely to keep it up. There’s more variety to keep you interested compared to the many other solitary health-related activities promoted.

Dancing Brings People Together
Many people start taking dance lessons to prepare for a special event, a wedding, a vacation or because they received a gift certificate. During the course of their lessons, they meet new people, develop new relationships and have such a good time that they decide to make dancing a regular part of their lives.
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